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About our Send to Mobile feature

View this web site on your mobile phone1

It's simple and quick to send a link (see below)

How to get this web site on your mobile phone

There are 2 ways to access the site:

1) Open your phone's mobile web browser and type in "". (Please refer to your mobile phone's instruction manual on how to open its web browser)

2) The easy way! Type your mobile phone number into the "Send page to mobile" box at the top of the menu on the left and click "Send". You will need to enter your mobile number in the format "07nnn nnnnnn" (for example "07890 123456")

You will be sent an SMS text message which contains a link to the mobile web site. Select the link and your phone's browser will do the rest.

Optimised for mobile phones, smartphones and PDAs

The mobile version of this web site has been optimised for display on small-screen devices such as mobile phones, smartphones and PDAs. This means that all large images and non-essential elements have been removed, meaning that the site will load quickly.


1 Users must have a suitably equipped mobile phone and Internet access service

2 Subject to necessary signal strength supplied by your mobile telecommunications provider

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